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I preferred a monster so ludicrous, so futile, its monstrosity could barely be understood.

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Reflections on an Affair

  A Lover Reflects on a Fuck   Joy Fairfield woke up mildly hungover, her airways obstructed as always, but feeling strangely settled, and resolved. On what: she had no idea. But she felt a calmness and a certainty that

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Long, Tall Sally

Everywhere Sally left, there remained a symphony of titters and sneers. Behind the palms of her peers, giggles appeared. In her wake, jokes were made. She was a long girl, sinuous and spindly. From the age of ten her forehead

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The Naturist

Melbourne Packet climbed into his hired Cadillac, closed the door, and stared blankly through the windscreen. His suit was soaked with sweat. The meeting didn’t go well at all. He had lost control; he never had control to lose. There

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El Perro

I have been working on my second novel for over a year now. I realize  that I have fed my blog seldomly in that time, so I have adapted one of the chapters as a short story. It tells the tale

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