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Diary – Yoga Ben, Rejections, Eleanor Catton, Holiday Plans

Fortunately, the food at the Beech Tree is beyond ghastly

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If You Want the Conservatives Out, There is Only One Way to Vote (And it isn’t SNP)

I am certain beyond any doubt that there is nobody in Scotland who is sitting on their hands, hungrily waiting on my instruction before deciding how to spend their vote in the next election. But I will give you my

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RAB Liveblog – Stage 6 – Penrith to Glasgow, 100 miles – 10 Sep 14

I crossed the border into Scotland, my home land. Here I was born and usually remain. To leave, I must roll a double. I am always back within three weeks. What is its magnetism? Convenience. I couldn’t stand erect and

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Scottish independence: okay.

In a few weeks from now, a referendum will be held to decide whether or not Scotland should become a nation state. Scotland has not been a nation state since long before anyone living became such, it being a constituent

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