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Holiday Diary – Rome, Part 2 (incorporeal) – Iglesias, Tartt, Wright, McCullers

So, as promised, I am now going to deal with matters incorporeal arising from spending two weeks in Rome. Being without access to decent speakers, not a great deal of music was listened to. However, four songs quickly established an

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Holiday Diary – Rome, Part 1 (Corporeal)

I make no apology for my absence; I spent a fortnight in Rome on holiday. And I decided to make the holiday fundamental: I wrote not a word, other than for a few I wrote on a postcard. But a

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Diary – St Andrews, Beinn Nairnan, The Magus, O.J. Simpson, Michael Dowd

It is Monday and I am sitting in my living room, which is flooded with morning sunshine. I have a pot of coffee, made from freshly ground beans, I am listening to the Women’s Hour on Radio 4, and my

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