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Diary – Tory determinism, Erotic arts

no doubt to discourage clandestine onanists.

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Diary – Ian McEwan, Adrian Mole, Blood transfusions, Libraries,

by which I mean that I committed a grave sin

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Diary – Yoga Ben, Rejections, Eleanor Catton, Holiday Plans

Fortunately, the food at the Beech Tree is beyond ghastly

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Diary – Spanish lessons / Corbyn / Eating out too much / Precinct 75

Mi es hambre, I say (Me is hunger). She says: no, it is tengo hambre. I try again: Yo ya hambre (I already hunger). No, she says. It is just tengo hambre. But, I say, in English there are many ways to

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Diary – Six Feet Under / Zadie Smith / May / Brexit / DIY

The weekend is over, just about, and I almost got through it without mentioning Trump. A four hour cycle today, in company, and somehow we avoided the issue. The truth is that I am actively seeking out the comfort of

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Diary – T2 Trainspotting / Christine / Birdman / Nutshell

I have recently acquired  The Assassin’s Cloak, a compendium of 400 or so years of diarists, and it made me think: maybe I should write a diary. I have previously kept diaries of Ride Across Britain and the time I

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The One

      YOU tugged at my arm. I turned and looked into your brown eyes, so often my first clue: would they be tender, or furious, or sobbing, or lascivious? And they were mischievous—they hovered upon me for not a

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What have we voted for now?

It is after 3AM and this has been an upsetting night, but these are my rough, desultory, and morbid thoughts. At the time of writing, the Conservatives are en route to an unexpected rout, possibly even winning a majority in

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2015: Perhaps my last cycling blog of the year

The nurse came to get me ready at 6AM. I had been awake for about two hours, alternating between dozing and staring at the bathroom door, groggy with morphine. She filled a basin and I did as much as I

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New games–eight years on

In February of 2006, after an evening of unsuccessful parlour games and successful alcohol consumption, I resolved to invent some new games. Unfortunately they never caught on, although anarchic chess was a brief fad. I reprint, below. Prick Requires three players or

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