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Video web log: style

I decided to try a video web log. It is quite frivolous, and gets to the bottom of no big issues.  

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New games–eight years on

In February of 2006, after an evening of unsuccessful parlour games and successful alcohol consumption, I resolved to invent some new games. Unfortunately they never caught on, although anarchic chess was a brief fad. I reprint, below. Prick Requires three players or

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Foreword to an unwritten novel

Today has been a breakthrough day–I did not awake feeling that it would be, and I am aware that it is a bit pompous sounding to make the claim that it is. But it is, because today I made some

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Your favourite psycho (contains spoilers)

Sorry.. For the delay in blogging, I am unfortunately nearing upon some really quite ghastly tax exams, and I have been finishing up some things in the office, and also reading quite enthusiastically, as well as training for an epic

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Goldfrapp at Glasgow Concert Hall

So I’ve got all the albums, even the new one, and I loved Felt Mountain. I have some proper happy memories attached to that one. It’s all weird and creepy and trippy and I’m not sure I know any other albums like it.

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