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Hi there, internet. I am un-ironically embracing blogging. I am going to blog about blogging, and speak about it IRL. I will be a public advocate of logging on the web. In private conversations, with friends and bar staff, I will privately endorse blogging as an activity worthy of approval. I will buy into this with all my heart, and lungs, and teeth and money.

So this is what I am working on. A first person blog, about me. I can understand your scepticism, but I am indefatigably positive about the idea. Examples of my unremitting in-your-face blog-positivism will be evidenced in my new policies of tweeting news of my blogs, and posting them to facebook.

I want you to now imagine that all of the above was not words, but was just trumpets, and imagine that all the punctuation was bunting.

Thanks. Now I will tell you why you should read my blog. Mainly I hope you enjoy it – I will write about things that I think are interesting, which will hopefully insure the posts are also interesting. I will use it to provide updates on my writing career, which so far consists of an unpublished novel called ‘The tragedy and farce of Charlie Marks’, and this post and a brief biography on this blog, and a series of tweets at @nbeinn.

My novel is set between 2008 and 2048, in a utopian alternative world history. The story takes place in the republics of Britain and America and Cuba, and stars Charlie Marks (C), who is an administrative solicitor who becomes obsessed with the forgotten political ideas of liberalism and capitalism. Armed with this knowledge, he is sure he must do something, but he is not sure what exactly. Everyone he turns to has nothing for him but friendly advice and their best wishes.

The novel is intended as an ironical response to the dystopias of the 20th century. C finds himself in a reverse-Kafkaesque society, where everyone is helpful and nothing is mysterious and things really do seem to be as good as they seem to be. This makes C all the more suspicious.

If you would like to read this then please let me know and I will happily share it with you in ebook or PDF format.

I started working on the project properly in June 2013, and although it is not quite finished it is in a very readable state after three and a half drafts. I have recently started to seek representation, but this has been a slow process, as I have other commitments in the form of work and study at the moment. I look forward to having another relatively free period soon in which I can devote myself to some long-form writing, but for now I hope to satisfy that itch on this blog, and continue to make plans for future projects.

I have two projects on my list. First, a novel called ‘Bonnie Prince Geordie’, set in an alternative Scottish society where the Act of Union never occurred, and Scotland never developed ties with the rest of the world. It will examine the idea of hereditary power, focussing on the life of a young Prince and heir to the throne of a despotic backwater.

I also want to write a novella or series of short stories based on some things I overheard or thought of when on holiday in Key West last Christmas. These ideas are too stupid to sum up in one sentence in a way that really does justice to how stupid they are, but, I guess what I’m saying is: imagine a burger bar that is really a Ponzi scheme, but you go there for your dinner anyway.

I also fancy writing a political thriller, maybe with some espionage, set in the intense world of frivolous student politics, based on the semi-non-fictitious ‘Committee for  Glasgow University Picnic Society’. Anyway, it’s a school-night so I’m off to bed.


NB – blogger


I am an amateur novelist, an aspiring tax advisor, a cycle commuter, and a graduate of philosophy, politics and law

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Blog about blogging, interesting :)


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